Reset or delete all data in DB13

Database maintenance jobs scheduled for future via db13 may fail after a system copy and you might need to delete all the existing planned jobs in db13 and re-submit new jobs.
This can easily be achieved by:

  • Start transaction SM37 –> delete all jobs starting with DBA:
  • SE16 –> Delete all contents of SDBAP, SDBAR, SDBAH tables.
  • Re-submit all jobs again.

Alternatively if all you want to do is delete scheduled jobs. (links to previous logs and job statuses will still be displayed)

  • DB13–> Double click the line in the calender displaying the day/date details.
  • Click on the line displaying the job that you’d like to delete in the box that pops up.
  • Click the trash can icon.
  • Done!

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