Useful Transaction Codes

Compiled here is a list of commonly used transaction codes for SAP-BASIS System Administrators, I am currently working on adding further descriptions and explanations (man pages) to attach to every t-code below. If anyone wants to help out with this, please e-mail me.

AL08 Lists current active users – on all the application servers

AL11 Lists SAP Directories on the OS Level for the application server

DB01 Lists applications waiting in a lock-wait or deadlock situation on Oracle.

DB02 Database performance on Oracle

DB03 Displays configuration: parameter changes in database on Oracle

DB05 Analysis of table with respect to indexed fields on Oracle and DB6

DB6BACKHIST Backup and Recovery: Overview

DB6COCKPIT Diagnostics: System Check on DB6

DB6EXL Lists applications waiting in a lock-wait or deadlock situation on DB6.

DB6PARHIS Displays configuration: parameter changes in database on DB6

DB6PERF Performance: Database Snapshot

DB6SPACE Space: History – Overview on DB6.

DB12 Backup logs on Oracle

DB13 DBA planning calendar on Oracle

DB14 DBA logs on Oracle

OSS1 Logon to SAPNet (OSS)

RZ03 Display Server statuses and alerts (all servers)

RZ04 Maintain operation modes and instances

RZ10 Edit/Maintain profiles

RZ11 Display profile parameter maintenance and current values

RZ20 CCMS Monitor Sets

RZ21 Maintain Monitoring: Properties and Methods

SCAT Computer Aided Test Tool: Initial Screen

SCC1 Client copy according to transport request

SCC3 Displays Client Copy Logs / Transport Log Analysis

SCC4 View clients: Overview/ Change client Details

SCC5 Delete client

SCC7 Client import – post processing activities

SCC8 Client export

SCC9 Client Copy: Copy a client (Remote)

SCCL Client Copy: Copy a client (Local)

SCMP View/Table comparison between remote systems

SCU3 Analysis of changed customizing objects and tables

SE01 Transport organizer (extended view)

SE03 Transport organizer tools

SE06 Post-Install methods for Transport Organizer

SE09 Transport organizer

SE11 ABAP Dictionary: Initial Screen

SE15 R/3 Repository Information System

SE16 Data browser: Initial Screen

SE17 General Table Display

SE38 ABAP Editor: Initial Screen

SE80 Object Navigator

SFT2 Maintain public holiday calendar

SICK SAP Initial Consistency Check

SM01 Transaction Codes: Lock/Unlock

SM02 System messages

SM04 User List on current application server

SM12 View lock entries

SM13 View Update Records

SM21 System log: Local/Remote Analysis

SM30 Maintain Table Views

SM31 Maintain Table Views

SM35 Batch Input: Session Overview

SM36 Define background jobs

SM37 View Background Jobs

SM49 Display/Execute External OS Commands

SM50 Lists Work Process Overview in the current application server

SM51 Lists all the instances on the database

SM58 View Transactional RFC Status

SM59 Display and Maintain RFC Destinations

SM63 Display/Maintain Operation Mode Set

SM64 Trigger Event in Background Processing

SM66 System wide Work Process overview

SM69 View/Maintain External OS Commands

SP01 Output Controller: Spool Request selection screen

SP02 Output Controller: List of Spool Requests

SP11 TemSe: Request Screen

SP12 Administration of Temporary Sequential Data

SPAD Spool administration: Initial Screen

SPAM Support Package Manager

SPAU Modification Adjustment: Object Selection

SPCC Spool: Consistency Check

SPDD Modification Adjustment: Dictionary

SPIC Installation Check for R/3 Spool

ST01 Switch on/off, View: System Trace

ST02 Tune Summary, Buffer Stats

ST03 Workload Analysis

ST03n Load Analysis

ST04 Performance: Database Snapshot

ST05 Trace Requests: SQL, Enqueue, RFC, Buffer trace

ST06 Local OS Monitor

ST07 Application Monitor: User Distribution

ST10 Table Call Stats

ST11 Error Log Files / Developer Traces

ST12 Single transaction Analysis, Performance Traces: SQL, Enqueue, RFC

ST22 ABAP dump analysis

STAT Workload: Display Statistical Records for users/t-codes, etc

STMS Transport Management System

SU01 User maintenance: Display and maintain users

SU01D User maintenance: Display user details

SU02 Manually Edit Authorization Profiles

SU03 Maintain authorizations: Object Classes

SU10 Mass User Maintenance

SU2 Maintain User Parameters

SU22 Maintain Assignment of Authorization Objects to Transactions

SU3 Maintain own user parameters

SU53 Display Authorization Data for the executing user.

TALM Database threshold maintenance

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