Dynamically Configuring RFC Quotas

  • Start the report RSARFCLD to dynamically configure the RFC quotas on the server to which you are logged on.
  • Double-click on a server name.
  • Enter change mode and change the values.
  • The values that can be set here overwrite (until the next restart) the following parameter values (in the same order):
    • rdisp/rfc_use_quotas
    • rdisp/rfc_max_queue
    • rdisp/rfc_max_login
    • rdisp/rfc_max_own_login
    • rdisp/rfc_max_own_used_wp
    • rdisp/rfc_min_wait_dia_wp
    • rdisp/rfc_max_comm_entries
    • rdisp/rfc_max_wait_time
  • Click Save
  • The quotas for RFC resources have now been set/reset.
  • The settings made using the report only apply to the instance to which you are currently logged on, and are lost when the instance is next restarted.

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