Upload fonts in an SAP System/ Font Maintenance

Use SE73 to maintain / upload new fonts in SAP

Transaction SE73

Display/Change Font Families by clicking on the font families button and change/display as required

Display/Change System Fonts by clicking on the System fonts button and change/display as required

To Install a new font, for example Arial:

Click the truetype-font install button (first screen shot)

You will see the following screen

I have added the details of the example font as below:

DO NOT select bold and italic in the screen above if you’re uploading the regular font file.
Select Bold, Italic and both while uploading the Arial Bold, Arial Italic and Arial Bold Italic respectively.

You might be asked to reselect the file from the Fonts directory

Next enter the RTF font info

You will also need to create/confirm a transport request number.

The font install should complete in a few minutes and you will be presented with the following screen

If you go to the style selector now you would only be able to use the regular font without Bold or Italic attributes, to be able to use either Bold or Italic attributes, you will need to repeat the procedure of uploading the font again but select either one check box or both for the respective attributes.

Install the same font with a different attribute as below:

(Incorrect screenshot above – the filename should correspond to the correct attribute selected in the checkbox)

Note that the only attribute selected above is BOLD

You will now be asked confirm if you want to install an additional font to the same family

Click Yes

Select the file again from the pop-up, enter rtf info and confirm the transport request.

Repeat this process for italics if needed.

Job Done!

You now have a new font family.

You will also find a number of system fonts added. These are the sizes and attributes that were supported by the .ttf file that we used to add the font to the system.

Also if you create or change a style you would be able to see font and attribute selection options as below

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