Google launches Navigation App for Andriod 2.0 – TomTom and Garmin shares drop 20%

The inevitable has happened.

We’ve used Google Maps for mobile since the last few years to navigate using our mobile phones – the primary gripe being – no voice navigation!

Sooner or later, google was going to come up with this and it has. Yesterday in a blog posting on the official Google blog, they announced the new google maps navigation, although currently only available for Andriod 2.0 users in US.

Here’s a video from the search kings.

Features & more details on the Google Navigation App page

No need to cheapskates to hack GarminXT or the (now very old) TomTom app for mobile phones or to pay Nokia £££’s for their miserable attempt at the voice navigation market.

Long live Google 🙂

3D Navigation

Street View

Street View

Can’t wait for this to be launched on Symbian & I’m sure sonner rather than later we’ll get the Apple adverts singing and dancing that they’ve got an app for this.

In other news, TomTom & Garmin shares have dropped 20% since this announcement. I can’t even think what impact this will have on their business. Andriod has an open SDK on the market and the OS itself that SatNav manufacturers can load onto their devices and offer maps stored locally on the dedicated SatNav device. Surely, Google have a large number of fanboys that’ll buy them just for their love of Google, not to mention that Google app uses both TeleAtlas and NavTeq maps that every other app provider lacks.

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