Set a default number on your phonebook contacts on your Nokia phone

Got a new Nokia phone?

Try making a call, takes a few secs, getting the contacts app up, searching for the contact, clicking on the ‘call’ button. Can’t be avoided unless you’ve got the contact in your last dialled list of entries or have got voice calling activated.

What’s next is most annoying though… the phone asks if you want to dial the contact’s mobile number, home number or  business number if you have multiple entries against it.

Try sending a text… if the contact’s got an email address assigned to it, the phone asks, do you wanna send it his mobile number or his email address!!?!?!

You don’t want options when sending a text message, do you? All you want to do is to type a message a send it to their mobile number.

If you’re got a recent firmware you might be able to set a default number for activiaties like SMS and call for your phonebook contacts.


–> Contacts

–> Contact Name

–> Options

–> Defaults.

Set a default for Voice calls, Video calls, messages and e-mail.

Once done the default will automatically be used in each case.

Makes life a bit easier 🙂

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