Clearing inbound queue in PI (lock/unlock)

  • Use transaction SMQ2 on the PI server – Used for checking inbound queue
  • Enter the client number if required -> Enter or Execute
  • Double click it on the displayed queue
  • Click Unlock Queue button
  • Give it some time and refresh
  • If, after a while, it’s still locked and not clearing
  • Use transaction SXMB_MONI
  • -> Select Monitor for Processed XML Messages
  • -> Execute
  • -> Status group ERRORS
  • -> Execute.
  • -> Select & Restart
  • -> If a message box pops up – > Click on Retain and Tick mark
  • Use transaction SMQ2 to confirm

If it’s still not working, you need an expert to sort this out. Contact Noesys for on-site services in the UK or off-site around the world.

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