Onkyo TX-SR307, TX-S507, TX-SR577 & TX-SR607 comparision and differences

Onkyo has released a new range of receivers this year (as it does every year)

The bottom end of this year’s model range are cheaper than ever before and pack mind boggling technology at a minute price.

So, you ask, can I spend even less money than last year’s models and have more functionality?


However, you could be able to save more than you think by using this product comparision chart.

I chose the Onkyo TX-SR307, TX-S507, TX-SR577 & TX-SR607 AV receivers on their website and generated a comparision chart.

Click here to open it in a new window.

I’ll add another update later but this should help you to make your mind on what you want to buy and how much you want to save. I’d reckon anybody with a PS3 living in a normal (UK) home with neighbours close by should be able to do with a TX-SR507. However, the TX-SR607 is still a big value for money system that you might want to look at if you think you need bi-amping and more power!!!

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