SAP Gui for JAVA on a Linux system Part 2

Following on from my previous post: SAP Gui for JAVA on a Linux system
SAPGUI for Java from

Install process:

–> Logon as root
–> Start Terminal –> type java -jar PlatinGUI-Linux-xxxx.jar (Check the  file name)
# Default Install will install on /opt folder (probably /opt/SAPClients folder)

Configure SAPGUI for Java

Change to install directory and run ./guilogon (usually /opt/SAPClients/SAPGUI700rev1/bin )

Click New

Enter Description, click advanced

Check Expert Configuration

Enter the server details, connection string.

For load balancing use: conn=/M/(IP_Address_of_Message_Server)/S/36(system_number)/G/(name_group) or


That’s it, you’re ready to rock n roll! You could ditch your windows box if this works for you! 🙂

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