Schumacher’s back

If there’s anything exciting on the internet today, it’s the German press confirming Schumacher’s return to F1.

The entire net is lit up with posts and news articles confirming Schumi’s return but there’s no news on the driver’s official website.

BILD, a german tabliod, seems to have been the first to release this news, in German, on their website.

Schumi zurück zur 1. Liebe

German press say Schumacher agrees Mercedes deal

Mercedes F1, under the leadership of Ross Brawn, had promised a sensational name for their vacant seat in one of their cars and they’ve certainly delivered!

Mercedes boss Norbert Haug’s recent interviews & photos on the internet with Michael Schumacher on the Abu Dhabi track had sparked rumours on the internet and in F1 forums around the world but there had been no mass media reporting until tonight.

2010 seems to be shaping up as a mighty year, probably the best we’ve seen in the 21st Century. See the seats sell out faster than ever before, the excitment  and the Michael’s fans crescendo reach fervoured heights this year!

Alonso’s driving for Ferrari with Massa, his last outing with McLaren-Mercedes had resulted in major fireworks, however, lots of fans are predicting an exciting year for him, probably his best showing in F1 so far.

Mclaren have two back to back champions in their cars this year with almost opposite driving styles and with no refuelling allowed this year it remains to be seen how good they are at managing such major egos.

Meanwhile for Schumacher it should be a return back to home, back to the people he’s known and worked with for years.

Ross Brawn was the magic that happened to Schumacher when he moved to Ferrari in the 90’s and I’m sure Schumacher would love to see what heights he can achieve with Brawn and his first employers in the racing world.

Schumacher’s return: This is a dream come true for me!!! Bring on 2010!!! 🙂

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