Authorizations in SAP Transportation Management

The following table shows the authorization objects available in SAP TM.

Authorization Object Description
/SCMTMS/T8 Type of Customer Freight Invoice Request
/SCMTMS/EP Organizational Unit: Execution and Planning
/SCMTMS/T3 Type of Freight Order
/SCMTMS/T4 Type of Freight Request
/SCMTMS/MT Mode of Transportation
/SCMTMS/PO Organizational Unit: Purchasing
/SCMTMS/SO Organizational Unit: Sales
/SCMTMS/T6 Type of Shipment Order
/SCMTMS/T1 Type of Shipment Request
/SCMTMS/T5 Type of Shipment
/SCMTMS/SU Supplier
/SCMTMS/T7 Type of Supplier Freight Invoice Request
/SCMTMS/G1 Transportation Allocation: Geographical Information
/SCMTMS/T2 Type of Transportation Booking Order
/SCMTMS/C4 Transportation Charges: Calculation Sheet
/SCMTMS/C2 Transportation Charges: Rate
/SCMTMS/C1 Transportation Charges: Scale
/SCMTMS/BO Business Object: Data Access
/SCMTMS/C3 Transportation Charges: Tariff
/SCMTMS/ID ID of a Business Object

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