SAP Daily System Monitoring

If you haven’t got SAP Solution Manager installed and configured yet, give me a buzz, if you haven’t got the money, use the guide below 😉 cheap and cheerful and will keep you busy for a few hours every day.

Daily System Monitoring:

SM51 SAP Servers :
1- Check Availability of All Servers
2- Check Process Lists for All Servers for Unusual Processes or Activities (e.g. Extra-long execution times, too many errored processes, too many sequential reports)

SM66 Global Process Monitor:
1- Check for over-all system process utilization
2- Are Batch id’s taking up too many DIA processes
3- Is one user running too many BGD jobs for the same report
4- Is one server being used heavily compared to others

SM21 System Logs:
1- Is there any repetitive errors in the system log
2- Any unusual repetitive failed login attempts

ST22 Short Dumps:
1- Except ‘Time-Out’ errors, is there any short dumps.

SMLG Logon Groups:
1- Check load distribution (Menu: Goto–>Load Distribution)
2- Are server response times acceptable? (< 2 sec)
3- Is user distribution even among active servers

ST03N Workload Analysis:
1- Check is daily, weekly and monthly totals are being calculated for each server
2- Check for Avg. Dialog Response Times. Is it below 2 secs

SM12 Lock Overview:
1- Check for outdated lock records
2- Verify that these lock records are not actively being used and delete these lock records if they are obsolete

SM13 Update Records:
1- Check if the ‘Update System’ is active.
2- If not active, investigate what happened
3- Activate ‘Update System’ after fixing the problem
4- Review update records of past two days and delete if errored or obsolete

SM37 Background Job log:
1- Check if the are any critical jobs that were canceled
2- Identify/Fix the problem
3- Contact canceled job user for details
4- Reschedule if needed

SP01 Spool Request overview:
1- Check if there unusual number of errors in spool (>100)
2- Check if there are spool request with more then 200 pages
3- Should not be a need to delete any as the daily job should handle, unless too many spools are old.

ST04 Database Activity Monitor:
1- Check ‘Data Buffer’ and ‘Shared Pool Cache’ quality
2- Investigate and make suggestions to the team to improve quality of these buffers

DB02 Database Performance:
1- Check ‘Current Sizes’ to see if any tablespace is above %90
2- Add new datafile to the tablespace if needed
3- Check if there is space-critical objects
4- Check if there is any missing objects in DB or R/3 Data Dictionary

DB16 Database Check, Overview of message:
1- Check if there is any messages
2- Take immediate action to fix the problem
3- Notify the team if there is any parameter changes or assistance needed for Production Systems

DB24 Database Operations Logs:
1- Check if all DB Operations are executed
2- Check if any of the operations generated any errors
3- Fix the problem. Notify team if needed

DB12 Database confirm backup success:
1- Check to see that the previous backup was successful
2- If a backup is currently running check its status
3- If the last backup failed , check the reason correct and resubmit.

ST06 OS Monitor:
1- Click on ‘Detailed Analysis menu’
2- Click on ‘CPU’ in ‘Previous Hours’ Group
3- Check if at any past hours is > %80
4- Notify Team if there is any such case

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