Understanding transaction code SM50 in SAP

Tcode SM50 is used to see the workprocess overview in application
server you are logged in.
There are several fields diplayed in the work
process overview screen.
Each of the field value is described in below

Menu path for this tcode is
Tools –> Administration–> Monitor –>System monitoring –> Process –> overview

No This is the work process number and is unique to each work process.
Type This denotes the type of work process.
These are the possible values for type field
DIA: Dialog
UPD: Update
BGD: Background
ENQ: Enqueue
SPO: Spool
PID Process ID which is a unique no to identify the process at os level.
Status This shows the status of work process like PRIV mode etc..
Ended Work process has been terminated because of some error in SAP kernel.

Running – work process is busy processing user request.

Waiting – work process is ready to accept user request.

PRIV – Work process running with heap memory (noramally basis admins terminate the dia wp if it enters priv mode).

Completed The work process has been terminated and they can not be restarted.
Reason If a work process status is stopped, this field gives the reason why it is stopped.
Start This field tells if the dispatcher can restart the work process if it gets terminated.
Err Err field gives the no of times the work process .
Sem Number of semaphore.

With Green background =>Process is holding the semaphore.

With Red background => Process is waiting for the semaphore.

CPU The CPU Time utilization by each work process format minutes:seconds
Time The time that has been consumed processing the current request (in seconds).
Report The name of report which is being executed
Clie Client No.
User Name of user whose request is currently being executed.
Action For the work process with status “running”, this displays the current action.
Table The DB tables that is accessed previously by work process.

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