SAPOSCOL is SAP Operating System Collector is a standalone program that runs in background at OS level. It collects information about operating system resource usage like:

  • CPU Utilization
  • Main Memory and Virtual Memory utilization.
  • Physical Disk and File System utilization.
  • Resource usage by running processes.

How many instances of SAPOSCOL to be run?
A)Only one instance of SAPOSCOL needed to be run per hardware. Even if there are multiple instances running on a single hardware only one SAPOSCOL
process is needed.

What is the frequency of data collection by SAPOSCOL?
A) Data is collected every ten seconds.

Where is the data collected by SAPOSCOL stored?
A)The data is stored in shared memory and for long & future usage data is stored in tables MONI & OSMON.
Tha data collected by SAPOSCOL copied to tables MONI & OSMON by background job COLLECTOR_FOR_PERFMONITOR

What are the SAP level tcodes to view this data?
A) At SAP level you can view the information collected by SAPOSCOL using tcodes/transactions ST06, OS06 & OS07.

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