SAP BW Process Chains

Good read on SAP BW process chains
covers all aspects of a process chain and for an SAP BW help document the language is easy to understand.
Process Chains
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BOR Objects – Business Object Repository

Business Object Repository (BOR) in an SAP system is a central repository containing all the SAP business object types and SAP interface types along with their respective definitions and methods.

BOR objects can be created/changed/displayed using transaction SWO1 ( Business Object Builder )

Further help and guidance on the Business Object Builder can be found here. [Link to SAP Help]

BOR Objects can be searched for in SAP transports using the following Program ID and object type

PgmID Obj

A quick how-to on Defining Methods in the BOR Using the BOR/BAPI Wizard is available on the SAP Help site. Click here

Dynamically Configuring RFC Quotas

  • Start the report RSARFCLD to dynamically configure the RFC quotas on the server to which you are logged on.
  • Double-click on a server name.
  • Enter change mode and change the values.
  • The values that can be set here overwrite (until the next restart) the following parameter values (in the same order):
    • rdisp/rfc_use_quotas
    • rdisp/rfc_max_queue
    • rdisp/rfc_max_login
    • rdisp/rfc_max_own_login
    • rdisp/rfc_max_own_used_wp
    • rdisp/rfc_min_wait_dia_wp
    • rdisp/rfc_max_comm_entries
    • rdisp/rfc_max_wait_time
  • Click Save
  • The quotas for RFC resources have now been set/reset.
  • The settings made using the report only apply to the instance to which you are currently logged on, and are lost when the instance is next restarted.

Set-up Help in SAP R/3 ECC BI XI NW04 products

To set -up help variants:

  • Goto Transaction SR13
  • To set-up web help from sap follow the steps below or enter your custom server/path details.
    • Goto PlainHtmlHttp tab
    • New Entries
    • Enter variant name
    • Platform is: WN32 for Windows (frontend)
    • Area: IWBHELP
    • Server name: enter your server name where you’ve copied/set-up the help CD delivered by SAP with your installation package or get a public server name from SAP or try
    • Enter path: NW04/helpdata for netweaver products (default path)
    • Language: EN for English
    • Click the default box if you want this help variant to show up when users click Help -> Application Help on their frontend.
  • Save and store this information in a workbench transport request and exit.
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