SAP Composite Roles

Composite Roles :
Suppose there is position in your organization in which activites of two positions need to be performs the roles is called composite role.
Take an example. There are two positions like a clerk and auditor. If there is a position in your organization where the individual has to act both as a clerk and an auditor the the role is a composite roles which needs him/her to work both as a clerk and auditor. This is quite common scenario in organizations or companies.
A composite role has many single roles. No authorization data can be maintained in a composite role.  You can eneter some menu entries like links to websites, reports only. Tcodes cannot be added. The authorization data has to be maintained only in the single roles.
When you attach a composite roles to an user all the single roles gets attached to him. In the change documents it shows the single profiles that belongs to single roles gets attached to them. Suppose a composite role has 3 single roles. when you attach this composite role to a user then 3 authorizations profiles will get attached to him. The change count  in SUIM will be 3.

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